Xiaomi trying to compete with QQ with developing new Instant Messaging services

by Rosgani 0

One of mobile phone manufacturer in China, Xiaomi recently announced a new instant messaging service, this service has the potential to threaten instant messaging services that already exist, QQ Instant Messenger.

Founder of Xiaomi, Huang Jiangji has said through his microblogging account, that now his company was developing a real-time communication service from the Xiaomi, and the technology has now been fully prepared, Jiangji also said that this service will be better than QQ IM.

Plans to provide this service has been around since 2010, the Xiaomi R&D have had this idea long time ago. Because instant messaging service is a most widely used feature by mobile users in China.

Thats the reason Xiaomi established Xiaomi IM Laboratory to develop the next ideas about making this service. Through the services of Xiaomi IM, users can send and upload their creative template. Instant Messaging service was initiated by Xiaomi also use the open source basis.

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