Amoi N809 is the upgrade version from Amoi N808, will be released.

by Rosgani 0

Amoi N808

After we’ve covered the story about Amoi Large V for student, Amoi smartphone will have new family on their products line, the Amoi N809 will coming as the upgrade version from recently¬† Amoi 808 smartphone, so what’s the different?

While Amoi 808 come with MT6575 chipset, the new version will come with MT6577 dual-core chipset. And for the screen, when Amoi N808 come with TFT display, the new upgrade version will come with IPS screen, the new screen will brings high-definition and clear display, while the IPS screen will consume less power from the system.

While we write this news, we don’t have a picture of Amoi N809 but we are really sure about the form factor and design is not too much different, you can see the picture of the Amoi N808 above.