Jolla the Meego-based smartphone will run Android applications

by Rosgani 0

Still remember the premises Meego OS development project undertaken by Jolla Mobile? Now a growing rumors related to the development project. Jolla Mobile will make the Meego smartphone capable of running an Android apps.

The company was founded by former employees of Nokia is also said to have been holding OpenMobile, a company that can make Android apps run on other platforms. In addition to being able to use Android apps, Meego also be able to run Linux applications commonly used in computers.

Using an Android app to support Meego OS could be the solution to attract the attention of consumer electronics. However, a similar move was made by Research in Motion (RIM) on their PlayBook, and apparently still can not succeed as expected.

This is not exactly new: OpenMobile’s ACL has been supporting MeeGo for about a year — but it could help Jolla overcome a critical adoption obstacle. Now they’ve just got to get the rest running too.

Hopefully Jolla’s team will go about things differently than RIM and offer full-blown access to someone’s Android app marketplace, whether it be Google Play or the Amazon Appstore. If smartly integrated, the ACL will give Jolla’s devices a nice 1-2-3 punch — Qt, HTML5, and Android.