Gooapple Plan To Release Quad-core iPhone 5 Knock-off

by Shine Wong 0


Gooapple created best iPhone knock-off, the Gooapple V5 let you get a retina screen smartphone at dirt cheap price. The new iPhone 5 will come in a few weeks, it is not a secret when a lots of real iPhone 5 pictures and parts leaked. Of course, the China iPhone knock-off factory also prepare for their new next-generation product. We have not some news from the Gooapple, they has plan to release iPhone 5 clone in a few months, the most unbelievable thing, the new iPhone 5 knock-off will equiped quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, 1GB RAM and a 4-inch screen with 1280*720 pixel display. Ohh, my god, the specs even will be better than the original iPhone 5, some rumors that the new iPhone 5 will own 4-inch screen with 1136×640 pixel display, and dual-core A5X processor.