Google: Defeat of Samsung is not Android defeat

by Rosgani 0

A few days after the defeat of the Samsung over Apple in San Jose, California court, provider of Android operating system began to speak. Google insists that the defeat of Samsung is not Android’s defeat

The search engine giant has had talking it, because of the patent wars between Apple and Samsung is not related to the existing of Android operating system.

Although many observers consider that Samsung is also a whopping defeat the Android operating system in the arena of war patents because Samsung is one of the many manufacturers using the Android OS on its product, but Google emphatically deny this.

“Most patents are disputed in court has nothing to do with the core of the Android operating system made by us. We are working with our partners to deliver innovative and affordable products for consumers, and we do not want anything blocking it,” said Google’s spokesman.

On the other hand, the fact Apple did not just want to stop the Samsung, but also want to stop the movement of Android as has been said by the late founder, Steve Jobs.

But Google also has prepared for the next patent war with the acquisition of Motorola for patent owned by Motorola.

Not only that, Google also has supported other mobile phone manufacturers involved in patent battle with Apple, such as HTC. Google reportedly has lent five HTC patents to be used in a patent battle with Apple.

It seems that the competition in this area is not just about the device, but has spread to the operating system it uses, too.

Let’s wait how the continuation of the increased competition this summer.