HTC One SC launch in China this week

by Rosgani 0

HTC has now released a new smartphone that is targeted for mid-range user, this smartphone will be released for Chinese market, thats called HTC One SC.

HTC’s Android phones will be released by the China Mobile netwrok, powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor, 4GB of internal memory with a screen measuring 4.3-inch with WVGA Super LCD display, the phone is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and equipped with HTC Sense 4 user interface. And interestingly, this phone will still supports Beats Audi, while we know that the Bbeats Audio feature has not released by HTC for the upcoming HTC phones.

Brushed metal hat-and-three-tone-plastic back panel, similar to front parts of HTC One X, and this phone will join the other variant of HTC One that have been present earlier in CHinese market, that’s HTC One XT and One XC. Unfortunately, there is no information about the price of this phone.