Samsung says the Apple multitouch is better

by Rosgani 0

Samsung is now seemingly trying to avoid clashes with the Apple. Recent statement from the South Korean company also hinted at it. In a statement, Samsung said that Apple’s multitouch technology is better than that possessed similar features in Android.

This is done by Samsung to avoid the ban for Samsung products in the Netherlands. Having said that, they claim that Apple iPhone is totally different from the Samsung Galaxy products that use the Android OS. Apple thinks that’s Android multitouch features derived from existing technology on the iPhone, which first appeared on the iPhone in January 2007.

While Apple’s technology is a “very nice invention,” the technique used in Android differs from the iOS solution, argued Bas Berghuis van Woortman, one of Samsung’s lawyers. Because the Android based method is more hierarchical the system is more complex and therefore harder for developers to use

This is not the first step made by Samsung. At the session of the court in the United States, Samsung has said that the technology owned by Apple is totallu different than Samsung. Even in the event they say that Apple is like heaven while they were setting foot on earth.

Both companies are now at odds in a Dutch court. In the court session, Apple demanded that the Dutch did ban the sale of Samsung products in the Netherlands. Courts in the Netherlands is quite important for both companies. Because, do not rule out the outcome of this trial will also apply in other Euro countries.

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