Google ready to reduce their services

by Rosgani 0

Google ensure immediate shut down some of their services, this step is part of the  maintaining their services and ready to implementing this effort on next summer.

“Technology offers so many opportunities to help improve the lives of users, this means we have to really focus on developing it. So today we will reduce the number of features as part of clean-up program as well we’ve done this summer,” wrote Yossi Matias, as a Google Senior Engineering Director.

A number of services are certain to be covered include AdSense for Feeds, Classic Plus, Spreadsheet Gadgets, Places for Android, and +1 notification in webmaster tools.

Google also plans to integrate the Picasa Photo service with Google’s Drive. Thus, users will have 5 GB of storage space for photos or files on either service.

“We want users to experience the beautiful and simple when using Google. Changes allow us to focus on improving product used by millions of people every day,” added Matias.