Google ‘Laugh’ response to Android 4.2 Rumors

by Rosgani 0

Google did not say anything when they heard about rumors of the new features in Android 4.2, they are just a little laugh without explanation.

Android 4.2 is thought to have a new feature. But unfortunately, Google did not give clear response to the rumors circulating on the web recently, as well as gossip about the launch of the latest generation of Nexus which said will be released on October.

“Reading rumor sites …. LOL,” wrote Dan Morrill, one of the Android developers at Google when reading about rumor of Android 4.2.

Previously, we’ve revealed a number of features that may be present in Android 4.2, the information is obtained from various sources which claimed to be quite credible. But until now all these leaks can not ascertain the truth, Google was only able to ‘laugh’ without meaningful explanation.