ZTE losses 1.75 billion yuan

by Rosgani 0

From recent reports, Chinese smartphone manufacturers, ZTE, had losses of 1.75 billion yuan. Quoted from Yahoo, this loss is a result of the stalled sale of its products in the Iranian market.

As a result of selling products in Iran, the U.S. government was investigating the ZTE and all activities relating to Iran. ZTE parties have also stated that they would do such invenstigasi related cooperation.

Previously, in March, ZTE allegedly selling spy equipment to the Iranian government. The company also revealed that it’s simply not true and said that products sold by ZTE is a standard product.

Recognizing that the condition of the company is deteriorating, high officials in the Shenzhen-based company is also doing a new policy. Quoted from other resources, company officials are willing to cut their salaries. It is best not done to ease the burden on the company. Unfortunately there is no information how many pieces of salary will be made by the company.