Huawei Honor II U9508, The most cost-effective quad-core smartphone on the market

by Rosgani 5

The end of last month, Huawei has been released the Huawei Honor with quad-core chipset, this phone is equipped with Hass K3V2 quad-core 1.4GHz processor, sports with 1 or 2GB of RAM and 4.5-inch 1280 × 720 resolution (330ppi) IPS screen, 8GB ROM + maximum 32GB memory card expansion, and a 2230mAh replaceable battery and 8 megapixel back-illuminated camera.

The quad-core phone has price 1888 yuan, if you just look at the specifications and prices, then it is very cost-effective. However good or bad is not just a mobile phone specifications and price, the actual experience is also very important.

From the looks of it, basically and Huawei existing models style. Side of the fuselage with a chrome border trim to enhance the texture of the phone. The interface uses separate design, you can see at the top of a 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro USB data and charging port on the left, on the right is the power button and volume control button. The bottom design interface design can be open to revealed the battery.

The back cover, made from matte painting effects, compared to the general matte feel delicate point; flexibility of the back cover is good, but we feel more D1 Quad XL back cover granular surface a little better, because the Huawei Honor quad-core love shared version of the more easily absorbed some of the dust.

Go to the back of the phone, you can see at the top of rear area is 8 megapixel BSI main camera, support for 1080p full HD video capture, comes with two LED flash light. There is Huawei Logo beneath the camera and  two speaker holes. The sound qualitu is good since has Dolby DigitalPlus, thats why there is a Dolby Digital logo on the back cover.

Look at the effect of the actual listening, the extroverted sound quality is very good, loud and clear. The 4.5-inch screen and a thickness of 10.5mm, to a certain sound chamber design space of this phone, putting the sound can be a good play.

Open the back cover of the phone, you will find a removable 2230mAh battery, MicroSD card slot on which can increase the storage capacity, the right side is the standard SIM card slot. Unfortunately, this design is diferent with D1 Quad XL convenient frequency. Fortunately, this replacement will not be too high, because you have to break apart the battery to pick and place the SIM card.

For touchscreen device, the Screen touch is very important things for interaction between human and smartphone or human-computer interaction, and Huawei Honor II offers good quality screen material which uses 4.5-inch screen with 1280 x 720 resolution, 330 PPI equipped with the IPS screen material, so the degree of detail of the viewing angle and screen are considered in line with expectations.

The color effect on this phone’s screen is relatively warmer, and its built-in wallpaper basically natural scenery, but also increase the expressive power for the battery. While for the brightness the screen, the system default automatically adjust the brightness, but we ran into the same problem with D1 Quad XL, that is, the light sensor is not too sensitive to detect ambient light sensing, and sometimes need to manually adjust the brightness.

Software Interface
The Huawei Honor II quad-core smartphone running Android 4.0.4 operating systems, unfortunately, it basically maintain the the Android native style, did not do much changes. Some commonly used functions, such as radios, flashlights, tape recorders do some custom optimization. In addition, Huawei is still packs the phone with their own cloud services, including the ability to backup personal data, remote positioning phone; Newell cloud feature is actually Huawei’s own application store. In music player, Huawei also do optimization, but feel modify the interface compared to third-party special player software.

The Huawei Honor II quad-core has packs with three version sets of themed including : Android, Dawn, and the Breeze, is still relatively simple. Down the status bar at the top you can see after the shortcut set of switches, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, data switches and automatically rotate the screen.

In addition, the order users get started, the system pre-diagram navigation software, search Baidu and Tencent phone housekeeper, several software actually can also be obtained from other application stores, and also the local users are familiar with the software. At the same time, in order to facilitate business people, built WPSOffice software.

Overall, the performance of the system is very smooth, either watching or playing video games. Unfortunately the memory is only 1GB but in the next release, this phone will be packed with Exclusive Edition of EmotionUI. Presumably, Huawei is also snatch a strategy of market for newer model to ship with EmotionUI, its have MeWidget plug-in-one desktop, a number of features personalized theme voice assistant, can fill the existing system some shortcomings.

Camera performance
Shared version of the front facing camera, Huawei Honor II quad-core has good enough quality to to capture self potrait video for vidoe calling. While the rear facing camera packs with 8 megapixel BSI back-illuminated main camera, offer a great effect. Through real shot, we found that the focus is extremly fast, supports for tap to focus the object and snap the picture with fast responses.

The camera can capture the object even in low-light condition. Is there a HDR mode to capture the best light condition even when the light condition is dim. In addition, we found that the panorama mode is very useful, and the camera come with some filter efect including the old photos, cool, and negatives.

The camera also capable to taking shoot of 1080p video quality. Can be seen from the actual movie, the white balance control is very usefull, including some video effect such as fade in, fade out. There is some video feature to control the movie capture.

Huawei has their own development K3V2 quad-core chipser running atat 1.4GHz clock speed,this chipset is ready to compete with major chipset manufacturer including capable of playing high-qualty game ehich need more power chipset.

This Exclusive Edition of Huawei Honor II quad core smartphone is ready to compete with another Android smartphone product in the market especially with the other quad-core smartphone, it can be said is the brother Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL. However, the Huawei Honor II has cheaper than D1 Quad XL with only 1900 yuan. The lower price make this phone more cost-effective Quad-core Android smartphone on the market

It seems Huawei be able to use more power and update to optimize the phone system, including future firmware upgrade (when the test continues to receive 3 firmware upgrade package). If modest budget in your pocket, but you want to start with a comprehensive quality medium models, Huawei Honor II quad-core is best choice for you.