Comparison between original and fake Apple Lightning data cable

by Rosgani 0

All we know after Apple making their new product the data cable has been change to the new Lightning data cable, and we have covered the news about this device since Apple open the standar of this cable for third party manufacturer.

Apple introduced a smaller, more convenient Lightning interface, while the Lightning did not let people down, smaller, more convenient and fast, both sides can use its advantages.

However, due to the higher price of Apple original Lightning data cable, a lot of users for convenience switch to the cottage version of the Lightning data lines. As for the doing is correct, the the bubble net today brings us a comprehensive comparison, so that users understand between the fake and original Lightning data cable in the end which is better.

The first point is the price, while the original Apple lightning data cable offers for 149 yuan, the fake Lightning data cable only sold for 40 yuan. But on the online shopping website, this fake Lightning data cable is more popular and most wanted products.

From the shape and size, there is no different between the fake data cable with the original one, since third party manufacturer made the same size and color of the Lightning data cable, and for some ordinary user, this maybe make little dazzling to choose.

For the first sight, you can see the final products, the original data cable have good shape and smooth after-process, while the imitation product is look very different. While on the head port, the fake data cable has more large in size. You can see the different below:

While for the function, both device offers the same function, both data cable can transfer the data between your iOS device with your PC and can supply the electricity for charge the iOS device. If you  attach the fake data cable to the PC, the PC does not response the fake data cable.

We try to disassemble the fake one, and found the different parts, while the fake data cable cannot use at iOS 6.1 firmware.

While we assume that the fake data cable is more risky for user, since Apple did not allow the non-certified manufacturer to produce third-party data cable, and it possibly to harm for your iOS device, so we suggest you have to buy the original data cable rather than a cheap data cable but can make your device damage forever.