Jolla OS will be ready for Chinesse market

by Rosgani 0

Jolla, a companies from Finland who took over the Nokia MeeGo, has just announced their partnership with one of the mobile operators in Finland, namely DNA for homemade smartphone market. On that occasion also expressed Jolla Sailfish OS as a reincarnation of MeeGo, and released an SDK for the OS. To manufacture the chipset, also has been holding Jolla ST-Ericsson.

According to vice president of Jolla, they need to be successful in the domestic market before more success in foreign markets. This startup company hopes to succeed in Asia, particularly in China. China market currently has 200 million users of smartphones and assessed more amenable to operating systems other than Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Diego has also signed a distribution deal with a retailer D.Phone. They are also looking for a partner online for direct sales to consumers. Jolla is also having discussions with several candidates for hardware partners as well as other cellular operator partners.

In addition to smartphones, the operating system also supports Sailfish tablets, smart TVs, and other devices. Yet so for now Jolla will focus first into the smartphone market.

Here’s a demo video of Jolla Sailfish OS which was also released on the occasion.

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