Meizu officially released a Flyme 2.0.2 firmware update.

by Rosgani 0


Meizu has been upgrade their firmware, is now a Flyme 2.0.2 firmware and If you want to update your firmware, you can follow the instruction below.

1) Hong Kong version of the the MX2 smartphone firmware upgrade, may result in the application data is not compatible with mainland version;
2) Please ensure that the mobile phone battery is greater than 20% before the upgrade;
3) before the upgrade, please back up the phone data through Flyme account;

M040 firmware (Flyme 2.0.2)
Version: Flyme 2.0.2
Updated :2012 -12-20
Applicable models: MX2
Software Size: 176MB
Download Link One | Download Link Two

MD5: e2edc87e632be7f03ed0f8ebdfe2eb19
SHA1: 82071d8b6b50e0721dcc9117372bc1db57cecf95

The upgrade process:
1) Copied the Flyme 2.0.2 system firmware to the root directory of memory card -> Shutdown -> plus key upgrade the system by pressing the power and volume;
2) After the success automatically boot into the system;
3) Go to Settings -> About phone and view the software version is Flyme 2.0.2, indicating that the firmware upgrade was successful;

Change log:
1) Improve the charging process;
2) Solve the problem of the Google Play free software can not be downloaded;
3) Fix some issue of the interface character display;
4) Fix the EQ reference value of the music player does not correct the problem;