Xiaomi 2 TD version will be released for China Mobile

by Rosgani 1

Xiaomi China Mobile-002

While for now there is only Xiaomi 2 which only offers the WCDMA 3G version, but according to news spread from Xiaomi microblogging account today, the new Xiaomi 2 will be released for China Mobile TD version.

As we all know China Mobile in China has the largest number of mobile phone users, if the Xiaomi 2 launch TD version, there will be a very big help for Xiaomi phone sales increase. The photos can be seen in the shift Liu Yang microblogging exposure, several boxes of Xiaomi phone neatly placed next to a China Mobile logo, while Liu Yang said: “Two hundred Xiaomi smartphone is ready to delivered to the market”
Xiaomi China Mobile-001 Xiaomi China Mobile-003