China’s first 3D printing studio open in Xi’an

by Rosgani 0


Today, China’s first 3D printing studio also opened to the public in Xi’an. The reason why is not opened because there is not a commercial act, but 3D printing museum experience, the experience of Xi’an extraordinary disabilities Robot Technology Co., Ltd. ( Elite Robotics ) project.

Extraordinary disabilities is an established in September 2011, located in Xi’an High-tech Zone business park dedicated to the research, development and sales of education, scientific research and domestic robots and robot related integration technology services and leading solutions company.

On the museum experience for 3D printing MakerBot Replicatorâ„¢ 3D printer, the Extraordinary move of deliberate, not in the business of 3D printing Photo Gallery, but rather to promote the the Makerbot company’s 3D printer. They have become U.S. MakerBot company’s agent in China, will be for the national sales MakerBot 3D printer.

Unfortunately, print the finished effect is not ideal, a mass of dark-looking since this priter using an asphalt-like amterial to “print” the object.