Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Mini S IV will released in May ?

by Rosgani 0

Smaung Galaxi Mini SIV

Samsung has been preapring to unveiled the new Galaxy Mini S IV Android smartphone,this is the Mini version of Samsung Galaxy S IV, for a while now the new Samsung Galaxy S IV is not released yet.

According to sources, the Samsung Galaxy Mini S IV will be launched in May 2013 or in the summer to coincide this year. If this is true, it seems to have to wait their work later.

The Samsung Galaxy Mini S IV is reportedly will has the codename J Mini Serrano. Samsung Galaxy Mini S IV will follow the design of the Samsung Galaxy S IV but in a smaller size body design. And the specifications of Samsung Galaxy Mini S4 is reportedly also lower than the regular Samsung Galaxy S IV. In fact, reportedly tend to be more similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and SSamsung Galaxy Mini S III.