Huawei is become the Asian industrial giant

by Rosgani 0

Hawei Ascend P2-British

As we know, Huawei is one of the Chinese electronic manufacturer whic always offers high quality products and now they spread their market to the world. British Media Financial Times acclaimed that Huawei is now becoming the big company, since Huawei creep from low-end electronic manufacturer and now transform to Asian industrial giant.

Huawei CEO, Go Ping has stressed that “the rise of Huawei is far from over”. He pointed out that, for R&D expenditures of up to $ 4.8 billion last year, long-term commitment to strategic investment in the Huawei technical support.

At the World Mobile Congress, Huawei’s telecommunications equipment business show a huge double-layer structure, a telecommunications industry executives the structure is described as “the Great Wall of China”. The Financial Times said, the scale of these expensive booth reflects the position of enterprises in the industry, or at least reflect the company’s vision on the future development.

At the same time, Huaweihas been launched the latest Huawei Ascend P2 smartphone has won the praise of the Telecom Group will be selling the smartphone. The article pointed out that Huawei’s smartphone product portfolio make the company grow into the world’s third-largest smartphone vendor. This phone is the latest further enrich Huawei’s product portfolio.

British telecommunications company Vodafone Chief Executive Officer Vittorio Colao said, The Huawei smartphone product series is very stunning. He said: “Huawei’s very ambitious idea may be recalled that Samsung is based on how the rapid speed of development – and that is Huawei’s development prospects.”

The article also said that Huawei has also grown into a leading international telecommunications equipment suppliers, industry rankings have been side by side with the Swedish Ericsson. “Huawei is now at least with large enterprises in Europe and Asia”.

The Financial Times said, Huawei has two major departments of telecommunications equipment and terminal, and now has been able to provide the full set of components in the chain of telecommunications infrastructure base stations and optical fiber: from planning and design systems to manufacturing bearer services, until the production of consumers mobile phones.