Samsung Galaxy S IV will packs with Eye-Tracking technology?

by Rosgani 0

Galaxy SIV-eyetracking

Before Samsung release their new flagship smarthone, Galaxy S IV, there are many rumor according to that smartphone. The new rumor says that Galaxy S IV smartphone will offers a new feature called “eye scrolling”.

According to the foreign media, the new Samsung device will be designed to track the user’s eyes to determine where the screen should be rolling. This means that when a user is reading an article, when the user’s eyes have got to the bottom of the screen then the page will switch automatically to the next paragraph.

Although Kevin Packingham, Samsung CPO, still refuses to reveal the details of the Galaxy S IV, but confirmed that the phone will be an amazing mobile phone hardware and software.

For you information, the current Galaxy S III, comes with features that called “Smart Stay”, these features is monitoring the user through a front-facing camera if the screen is supposed to fade or remain bright.