Big Cola user interface is exposure

by Rosgani 0


Before now, we have covered Big Cola 2 Android phone and now we have the new information about those phone and we’ve just got the leaked of screenshot of user interface from those phone.

The Big Cola 2 phone will be equipped with Android 4.2.2 operating system and here are the picture of Big Cola user interface :


As we can see on the leaked screenshot above, they has make hundreds of innovation in the system native bar, and a three large Coke UI interface icon is still common rounded rectangle style color retro style. Also at the top notification bar to make the adjustment, network identification and signal icon is placed in the left-most display the current time in the middle. The bottom of the tray concentrated few quick calls and SMS two frequently used program icons with the main colors of green, more eye-catching.

For a while now, we have to wait untill Big Cola phone is announce officially, the leaked picture of Big Cola Android phone revealed large Coke has a narrow frame, blue glass filter camera, as well as ultra-sensitive touch screen features, in addition to carrying Coke OS be regarded as a selling point.

We have to wait until April 15th, 2013 for launching date of this phone.