Half of iPhone users in China attracted to Galaxy S4

by Rosgani 0


China is one of the world’s largest smartphone market, the growth potential is still very high. No wonder the country is a gold mine of large vendors, such as Apple with its iPhone. But Apple seems to have to be very careful to safeguard its market share in China.

Avanti, researchers from Taiwan, conducted a survey in China and took a sample of 3000 respondents, shows that more than half showed the user attract on Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S4.

Their interest is mainly targeted at Full HD Super AMOLED screen,  camera and also processor. The problem for Apple, more than half of the respondents who had participated iPhone also has a desire to try the super phone from Samsung.

This research does not mean that half of the iPhone users will spend the money to replace it with the S4, only interested in it, but certainly enough of a problem for Apple is known for its loyalty to its users.

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