The HTC One Google edition will ships without Sense UI

by Rosgani 0

HTC One Google Edition

A new version of the HTC smartphone will go on sale in the near future. According to news , HTC will build the new kind of the latest HTC Google’s version that will not be equipped with the HTC Sense UI.

In the absence of the HTC Sense UI in the HTC One Google edition smartphone, the mobile phone user can feel the sensation of wearing a pure Android OS. It could be said that mobile phones will be same as HTC Nexus smartphone style model.

There are several advantages to the loss of the HTC Sense UI on the smartphone. By using stock Android, the latest update released by Google will be much faster.

Unfortunately there is no information about the price of this special HTC One smartphone. And yet also no information whether this smartphone will be available globally or will be sold only in the United States.

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