The leaked picture of Samsung I8800 with Tizen OS

by Rosgani 0


Samsung is currently working on Tizen OS has reached version 2.1, and although there has been no official device out on the market.

However, we have found the leaked picture of Samsung I8800 with Tizen OS 2.1 so that you can see at a glance what new on the Samsung’s latest OS.

Samsung I8800 Smartphone in the given code and naming Redwood has a model name Samsung I8800. Looks something like the Samsung Galaxy phones and of course also “inject” flagship features that already exist on the Android-based products, namely S-Voice, Wi-Fi Direct and S-Beam.

Samsung I8800 Redwood will packs with HD 720p display resolution and plans will be given to 500 developers at the Tizen Developer Conference.

Samsung-Redwood-GT-I8000 Samsung-Redwood-GT-I8800-12 Tizen-S-Voice-2