Sophone 5C Is First iPhone 5C Clone Phone, Be Available On Market Now

by Shine Wong 0

sophone 5c


Goophone released their Goophone i5C a few weeks ago, and leaked the hands-on video on Apple iPhone 5C launching day. But there is another factory run faster than Goophone. Another iPhone 5C clone named Sophone 5C, is available on market now.

Sophone 5C has 4 colors option like the original: white, red, blue and yellow. This phone has 4-inch screen, with 800*480 pixel display, along with 1GHz MTK MT6515 dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 5MP rear camera, 2MP front camera. This phone only support GSM 2G network, but cheaper than Goophone i5C, only $89 on some online store now. If you want to buy a cheap iPhone 5C copy phone, maybe this is a good option.