MTK 6290 chipset, support for 4G LTE is ready to launch

by Rosgani 1


4G LTE is growing, many mobile provider is preapring the big hit of 4G LTE in their network, while for now Mediatek as a chips maker is also ready to built the relevant chipset for this market industry.  According to General Manager of Mediatek, Mr. Zhang; MediaTek chips will be launched at the end of related products.

MediaTek has already begun the layout of 4G LTE, end or early next year, MTK will launch an LTE chip, and not just with high-speed download capability of the chip product, the product will be the same as the 3G era and launch a complete solution. Throughout MediaTek has been advocating multi-core processor power and performance balance, LTE products will continue this advantage, in addition to cost-effective but also MediaTek’s a killer, which is why the era of 3G smartphone solutions are a large number of manufacturers to use, 4G chip will have a price advantage, closer to the needs of people.

And as early as June of this year, when MediaTek had publicly said it will launch TD-LTE products, chip code MT6290 , will use 28-nanometer process, supports 5-mode 10-band, including TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and GSM / EDGE mode, you may still be Cortex-A7 processor, Xiangxi specifications still being unknown.

In addition to layout 4G, MediaTek most attention recently there really octa core processor through MT6592, the peacekeeping force, Mr. Zhang is also clear that in the end truth will release eight-core chipset.

After the rapid rise in the 3G era, is about to usher in a new era of 4G, MediaTek face not only opportunities, but more of a challenge, looking forward to MediaTek in the 4G era has brought more surprises.

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    “MediaTek chips will be launched at the end of related products.” What does that mean. We need these chips now.

    China Brand phones are mostly obsolete when compared to Western released products as most of them have 4G. People are avoiding 3G phones.

    I also hope Mediatek considers promoting Phone Makers to incorporate styluses, with maybe hardware support or other means. Styluses will be the choice of 2014, along with 4G, 2gb+ memory, and maybe 64bit. Apple’s latest phones already have 64bit ability.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Apple are setting the pace. Match them with cheaper product choices.

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