ZTE Nubia Z5S will be hit the market on November 19th

by Rosgani 0

ZTE Nubia Z5S-01

ZTE has already release two high-end smartphone on the market through Nubia series smartphone, the Nubia Z5 and Nubia Z5 mini, is now there is a rumor that the new Nubia Z7 is also ready to hit the market, while some people get attention to the next Nubia Z7 is now ZTE is ready to release the Nubia Z5S smartphone.

The ZTE Nubia Z5S it’s seems will be release soon and according to some rumors, the ZTE Nubia Z5S will be officially release on 19th this month in Beijing and the invitations to that events has been coming out.

ZTE Nubia Z5S is the next flagship smartphone in Nubia Z5 lineup, this phone will offers a great camera than a predecessor, will continue to make a fuss in the camera, and will have great pictures innovation, grapevine says Z5S will also packs with anti-shake camera technology.

Another point is that more attention, this phone will be powered by Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974AB) after reportedly Z5S also will be equipped with the latest processors Fengyun listed, in addition, there is a strong Nubia Z5S is support for 4G network, may adopt the latest Sharp IGZO screen.

But wae have to wait about the official release about this phone to find out the exact specs of Nubia Z5S smartphone. So let’s wait and I’ll inform you as soon as possible.

ZTE Nubia Z5S-02