Lei Jun is developed new Xiaomi smartphone

by Rosgani 0


Lei Jun has posted the news about his planning to developing  new smartphone, the upcoming Xiaomi smartphone will be released on next month.

The phone is the upgrade version of Xiaomi Hong Mi and Xiaomi Red Rice smartphone. On his microblogging account, lei Jun has posted : ” We are developing 3 new smartphone and Xiaomi phone companies sometimes try other phones this is my hobby is my work.. ”

Accoreding to earlier rumors, Xiaomi Mi4 will be powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra k1 processor, packs with 5.5-inch screen, and will be running by Xiaomi independent OS, the phone seems willbe launched on April 2014.

In addition chain analyst Pan Jiutang had claimed, in the first half of this year Xiaomi / Red Rice phones with 5.5 inch is the maximum size and there is no more than 6 inches screen smartphone from Xiaomi, in addition, Xiaomi is also developing a tablet , it seems that is equipped with Tegra 5 processors, but the first half of launch, possibility is very small, but they are most concerned about is the 4G version of Red Rice smartphone and the second half, “the tall” version of Xiaomi smartphone will be released.