IBM workers in Shenzhen China protest to Lenovo server acquisition

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IBM office log

Lenovo and IBM have entered into a definitive agreement in which Lenovo plans to acquire IBM’s x86 server business.

The acquisition includes System X, BladeCenter and Flex System blade servers and switches, x86-based Flex integrated systems, NeXtScale and iDataPlex servers and associated software, blade networking and maintenance operations.

According to the news, Lenovo has purchase the IBM Server business for approximately $2.3 billion USD prices. But IBM’s x86 server factory in Shenzhen, China stopped production after most of its workers went on strike.

The workers is protest and they holding the banners stating “workers are not property, nor slaves, please don’t sell us.”

Duan Yi Guangdong Laowei Law Office, told reporters in compensation due to acquisitions and employee can not reach agreement led to downtime situations have occurred.

IBM has confirmed that the company will cut some employees, aims to put more focus on the business of new priority areas, such as cloud services, analysis and “cognitive computing” and so on, which means that the company must in some take layoffs sector.