China Mobile losses, are only sell 1 million units of iPhone 5S

by Rosgani 0

ChinaMobile iPhone

China Mobile, one of the largest mobile operator in China, has just released its financial statements. Through those statements in mind that the company suffered a loss for the first of annual profit since 14 years ago.

One of the causes of the loss was due to investment in 4G infrastructure. This infrastructure is intended to support the development of mobile technology in the future. But unfortunately, the infrastructure is currently only used by approximately 1.34 million units of smartphones.

According to chairman of China Mobile, most of China Mobile 4G users is the iPhone. Further it is said that implementation has been running for 1-2 months so it is still difficult to predict the effect on China Mobile’s business in general. Currently own an iPhone 5S have a share of 12% while only 2% is iPhone 5C. If the calculated roughly that iPhone 5S are sold amounted to about 1.1 million units.

Analysts have been predicting that China Mobile will be able to sell 15-17 million iPhones in 2014, but if you see the level of adoption of the current iPhone then these targets are unlikely to be achieved. Besides of that, China Mobile is also targeting 100 million LTE mobile phones user with 50 million LTE users by the end of this year.