HTC One Ace (M8), yet another version of HTC One M8

by Rosgani 1


HTC has already release their new HTC One M8 Android phone, this phone is also called as the HTC All New One or HTC One 2014. And now we have a leaked picture the other version of those phone and known as HTC One Ace (M8).

The HTC One Ace seems seems isn’t the official name, while the real name will be revealed untill HTC is officially released this phone to the public. And this phone will becoming the first variant from HTC One M8 smartphone.

According to leaked picture, the HTC One Ace will has different body material with unusual pattern. Perhaps HTC is preparing something related to cloth? We’ve no idea about it.

While for now we’ve heard the rumor that HTC is also preparing the Mini version of HTC One M8 throght HTC One M8 Mini alongside with the HTC One Ace M8 that will be released in the near future.

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