Exclusive above-the-line sale of the ZTE T+C double-SIM U960E

by Frank Tu 0

Early last year, ZTE released a very special product, the ZTE U960E, the first smart phone to support TD-SCDMA and CDMA. This device was initially sold in below-the-line retail stores, but recently appeared in ZTE’s official online store (myzte.com).

     The U960E is a customized mobile phone and the TD-SCDMA is the most significant part of it. It is also compatible with CDMA1x and China Mobile 2G/Unicom 2G internet, and supports triple-mode multiband. Its use of a TD+CDMA/GSM double-SIM card makes the U960E a “unique kind” of customized mobile phone.

Another feature of this phone is that it uses the MediaTek MTK6517 dual-core processor (1.2G main frequency), which has not yet been integrated into the CDMA baseband. So, it still runs the VIA telecom baseband processor. The ZTE U960E is also the first T+C phone in the MTK platform.

The phone’s design is pretty similar to the N983’s, measuring 133x66x9.9mm. It has a blue case made of smooth fiber. It also has a 4.5 inch 720p resolution IPS screen, 1G RAM + 16G ROM, 1Mp front and 8Mp back cameras, 2070mA battery, and supports sensory features like an electric compass as well as memory card expansion. Its operating system is the Android 4.0.

ZTE’s phones that use the MTK chip are not bad, and each phone has their own remarkable features, so the U960E should not be cheaper than the Red Bull mobile phone and others. It’s quoted price in myzte.com is 1099 RMB ($175.74).