Picture proving Oneplus is wholly-owned sub-brand of OPPO

by Shine Wong 15

oneplus one phoneWhat’s the relationship between Oneplus and OPPO?

This issue has been talked for many times since OPPO’s ex vice-general manager left the company and set up Oneplus, and especially when Oneplus released in Beijing. And Pete Lau re-denied the statement of “One plus is wholly-owned sub-brand of OPPO“. In the media communication meeting, some journalists asked him “why is Oneplus looks so similar to OPPO Find 7?” Pete Lau just coped with “perhaps its because our aesthetics standard trends to be similar”, and said “all phone nowadays looks like iPhone”.

However, according to information shown by China public industrial and commerce, Oneplus was not so independent as Pete Lau indicated. What’s more, there is evidence showing “Oneplus is definitely wholly-owned sub-brand of OPPO” now, which is known by document from Market surveillance department in Shenzhen, China.

According to the commercial subject registration and back-up information shown by Market surveillance department in Shenzhen., the institutional shareholder of Oneplus technical corporation Ltd. is Guangdong OPPO electrical industrial Ltd., and the ratio of OPPO’s investment is 100%.

Oneplus oppo

It is reported the Oneplus has mislead consumers in the USA. Oneplus had pushed out a so-called “crazy promotion plan”, which instigating the USA mobile phone owner to smash or destroy their own old phone and record it in digital video to get a new Oneplus phone with $1. Some agog phone users smashed their own old phone before the promotion began, the type of their phones were reported including iPhone 5, Samsung galaxy s3 and HTC one(M7).

Unfortunately, those users who smashed their phone would not get a new Oneplus one phone in $1. Because Oneplus set the rule of the promotion as, firstly Oneplus choose 100 customers randomly, and those customers can pay $1 to get a new phone by uploading their phone-smashing video. As a result, those unfortunate guys who smashed their phone before the promotion and not lucky enough to be chosen by the promotion have to buy new one in their own expense.