The high-end OONE mobile phone is coming soon!

by Frank Tu 0

It has been nearly five months since the brand, OONE, made its debut in Chinese New Year. Nothing has been heard from them until now, when it announced on its official Weibo account that the OONE mobile phone is coming soon.

The company posted its first poster of the phone starting its advertising campaign. The company boasts that the OONE mobile phone is not just a cell phone but a “work of art!” It will have “high-end functions” and be made using “high-end materials” and an “exquisite design.” They sound really sure of themselves!

The photo faintly shows the OONE phone in one angle, and one can barely see three buttons on side, which should be the volume buttons and power switch. It has a flat middle frame with curvy sides. In addition, HDR was used for the mid-frame, probably meaning that that it could be made of strong non-plastic materials such as metal.

Earlier reports said that the OONE phone would be very slim and that it might run on a MT6595 octa-core chip with 2GHz main frequency as well as 2GB of ram. However, it’s almost been half a year, so nobody knows if this will still be the case. Nevertheless, this “work of art” is certainly worth waiting for.