Acer Liquid Leap, the first wearable device from Acer

by Rosgani 0


While we are got the rumors about Acer that ready to develop wearable device is now is real, since Acer has officially released their first wearable device, that’s the Acer Liquid Leap smartwatch.

Acer has been held the lauching event at New York City, in addition to launch their smartwatch, Acer is also unveiled the new Acer Liquid Jade smartphone that seems will be pair with those smartwatch.

Unfortunately, there is no detail information about both products. We just got the news that Acer Liquid Leap will has 17mm width body and will be bundling with the Acer Liquid Jade smartphone on next July. The Acer Liquid leap is only available in selected market.

So we have to wait untill Acer announce the detail about this device, so we will give you more information as soon as possible.