Google will stop the Nexus phone and continue to Android Silver handset

by Rosgani 0

Google Nexus Stopped

Earlier this month, Google has starting to making debut with their new Android Silver’s device, this is the premium handset replacing the Nexus lineup.

According to internal company, the Nexus brand will be canceled and Google will be intirducing the hingh-end premium device Android Silver, the new Google’s strategy will focus in two aspects, size and cost.

Through this efforst, the company hopes to achieve cooperation with mobile operators, through advertising, direct subsidies, especially the latter’s development and marketing, so as to achieve the purpose of further promotion of the product.

LG and Motorola are considered most likely to participate in this project. The first Android Silver device will be roll out on next year. While  Samsung, HTC and Sony will take to convince. But anyway, all of the above manufacturers have provided Google Play version of the device, which is already quite close to Android Silver Standard.