Impressions after a few days using the Hongmi Note

by Frank Tu 0


No nonsense, straight to the point

The good:

1:Affordable, this is the most direct advantage. The sale price of 799 simply beats everything else.

2:Good function. In today’s world of machines, less than 1000 yuan is a low-end machine. But after you have the Hongmi Note in your hand you will not feel it is cheap,it has great functionality and style.

3:The entire screen fit. This is the main factor that changes the cheap feeling of the Hongmi, and raises the overall quality.

4:Eight-core CPU. Even though it is a numbers games, the performance keeps up with the 2S. And those who don’t know better will think it is more powerful than the Mi3.

5:MIUI system. I believe this is main reason many people have always supported Xiaomi. Because all the large manufacturers attack Xiaomi in price wars, and there are many choices for similar priced configurations. But the MIUI system is still a major factor in choosing Xiaomi, I don’t think anyone would argue that.


The bad:

1:The screen does not follow the hand, low touch resolution. To put it simply the touch reaction is slow. For example, Fruit Ninja. After you swipe with your finger, the knife slowly appears. You won’t notice it in daily use or non intense operating games. But in games when high reaction speed is needed, like Fruit Ninja, it is particularly uncomfortable, and just fails this test. And I don’t know if it is an optimization problem or what, but sometimes the touch will be interrupted; if I swipe in a straight line, in the middle there will be a small area with no reaction. This is the same problem as the Mi1 from the same year, I would guess it is a result of cost.


2:1G of internal memory is not enough, Android is not IOS, it is not perfectly optimized, the standard 1G RAM has more than 500M at startup, and 300 after stabilizing, which is completely not enough. Of course for everyday use it doesn’t matter, but isn’t that a waste of such capability? It is a problem of cost, the actual memory really is not so expensive, it is mainly about Xiaomi marketing strategy. They know that 1G is not enough, so if there is an enhanced version on the way, why release the 1G? Because right now they need the NOTE to maintain a high profile. Before the 3S comes out and has a price reduction, the 2S is still necessary. If an enhanced NOTE came out and the configuration stays the same, but the price goes down, then the 2S would be unnecessary. So we wait for the 3S, for the 2S to be delisted or have another price reduction, and after the 3S replaces the 2S, the enhanced version will be released.