Oppo N1 Mini and N2 reportedly in the works

by Frank Tu 0

The Oppo N1 was launched last year September and it got to the international markets towards the end of the same year, and now it is apparently time to talk of the successor. The successor to N1 will name it N2 and this will be the most surprising news ever.


The Oppo dabbled in the custom ROM space with the N1 before there was OnePlus making smartphones that ran CyanogenMod.N1 was the first device that had CyanogenMod edition which operates well with that particular ROM preinstalled.

The Oppo N1 Mini will have either a MediaTek MT6592 chipset or a Samsung Exynos 5422, both being the core. It will possess two versions, one with and the other without support for 4G LTE network.

to add t what is there, Ramous have it that the Oppo will be operating on an N1mini, meaning everything will be mini. This is because it is speculated that it will get a 5-inch touchscreen with unknown resolution. This is the size at which most manufactures sell their productions, otherwise compared to the 5.9-inched N1, it really can be called Mini.

As the speculations above have not yet been confirmed yet, they would all appear to be fiction.