iFive Mini 3, upgrade MIUI and look more simple

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iFive Mini 3

Xiaomi has been release their own tablt that called as MiPad, this tablet is also brings the new MIUI version and now the other Chinese tablet manufacturer iFive has been upgrade the MIUI in their iFive Mini 3 tablet device.

The iFive Mini 3 brings retna display screen that capable to play 720p, 1080p and 2K movie quality, the tablet is also nice design and look similar with the iPad Mini. Here is the screen shot of the new MIUI firmware running on iFive Mini 3 tablet device.

The MIUI is now look similar with the iOS.




The Desktop and lock screen, on the new MIUI is look different. There is several improve.

Notification Center, and MIUI mobile version does not seem to make any difference. Slide the message for delete the notification. 

System Settings, MIUI style white system settings interface with icons than the native black interface looks a lot more comfortable. Here you can see that USB debugging is enabled by default, so it can be connected directly in front of the pea pods cut to the initial installation settings interface Fig. The default animation speed is 1x, feel a little slow, can be set to 0.5x. 




Task Manager.




You can download the firmware from here – Firmware Download

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