OnePlus One receive CyanogenMod 11S update, is now more stable

by Rosgani 0

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OnePlus has been released the OnePlus One smartphone few weeks ago, but accroding to several user, the phone has few bugs in the CyanogenMod system.

And now we have receive the news that the OnePlus One smartphone receive CyanogenMod 11S update wich offers bug fixing and better performance. As we get from the information the new update is offers;

  • Audio capsule in calls louder, without loss of quality. It was evidently a software problem;
  • Fixed a glitch in the background showing a black band if the lockscreen gave access to the camera and then to the home;
  • Video recording in 4K now a bit ‘more fluid from the preview but still do not seem perfect, will upload videos of test day on YouTube ;
  • Video recording time in stereo mode and not just on the left side;
  • Themes Showcase now has a name in Italian: Showcase Themes;
  • Solved the problem of the home button software “slow”. Pressing it twice does not perform the action set for the soft-touch button;
  • Improved feedback of the keyboard, now more tenuous;
  • Updated the Flashlight app, now prettier graphically;
  • Removed the ‘”Hey Snapdragon” and then the awakening voice but it will come a new update with “Ok OnePlus” short;
  • No news for the backlighting of the keys, always low;

The user have to backup all data bfeore updating the system, since the new firmware will set to factory reset your phone. If you’re ready to update the system please click the link here.