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LG G3 and Oppo Find 7 neck to neck battle

by Frank Tu 3


LG is a giant in mobile phone technology. Everyone must have heard the name ‘LG’. The smartphone market has been abuzz with phone like G2. On the other hand, the Chinese Mobile Phone ‘Goliath’ Oppo  is also set to enter into European and other markets.  LG’s new phone G3 is expected to be released in June 2014. Whereas Oppo’s Find 7 is already available in Chinese market. The manufacturer is looking forward to launch their new phone globally. Let’s put these two phones in a review arena and see who wins the battle.

LG G3 review

The LG G3 is designed to look like having a metallic body. Although it is plastic, but the effect is convincingly successful. It has a rear button which has been made flatter as compared to its predecessor G2 which had a protruding button. The dimensions of the phone are 146.3×74.6×8.9 mm. LG G3 weighs 149g, so it is lighter than Oppo Find 7.

Oppo Find 7

When it comes to Oppo, it is all about sleekness. The mobile sports a sleek body and finish. The mobile phone has carbon fiber back and alloy of titanium and aluminum frame. The frame is available in two colors white and ‘midnight’. The dimensions of Find 7 are: 152.6x75x9.2mm. The phone weighs  171g which may be slightly heavier for some users.

LG G3 review

 LG G3 comes with ridiculously high resolution with so many pixels cramped into medium sized mobile phone. It sports 5.5 inch Quad HD, 2560×1440 IPS LCD Screen with 538 ppi pixel density. The Oppo Find has exactly the same resolution. The stunning  5.5 QHD gives Oppo Find 7 gives equally fascinating Display experience as LG G3. Pixel density is also same i.e., 538 ppi.

Oppo Find 7

let’s look what LG has hidden under its hood. The LG G3 is powered by Snapdragon 801 processor with a speed of 2.5 Ghz. The RAM is either 2 or 3 GB depending on the type of model; that is 16GB storage model and 32GB respectively. The Oppo Find 7 rivals the likes of LG, HTC, Motorola with quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC running at speed of 2.5 Ghz, with 3GB of RAM.

Oppo Find 7

Oppo Find 7 has 13 MP rear camera. With f/2.0 aperture little help from software it can take pictures up to 50 MP. It is not slowed when it comes to video. It can record 4K video 30fps.  It has another front camera for video chat or closeup selfies.  The LG G3 has same MP back camera i.e. 13 MP. The front shooter rather falls short with 2 MP camera. Oppo find seems to beat LG G3 in this category.

The LG G3 has removable battery of 3,000mAh. Which make it a match for its rival flagship phones ,, HTC, Samsung. The Oppo Find 7 has similar 3,000mAh battery which could be recharged to 75 percent using VOOC Charging System.

The Oppo Find 7 provides connectivity through Bluetooth 4.0 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, NFC and plus LTE. This is a big leap for Oppo. The LG G3 is supportive of 3G, 4G, LTE Advance, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. It has microSD slot to extend the memory to 128GB.

LG G3 review

LG G3 is priced at $925 or £550 making it at par with other high spec phones. Oppo Find 7 has price tag of €400 or $544. The Chinese phone beat the LG G3 in the arena of price.  Oppo has upper hand as it is more famous as compared to Opp, which is a new comer in the global market.

The verdict is LG is claiming the battle with brand prestige. Oppo Find 7, on the other hand has put up a decent fight with real high spec muscles.

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  • Dave Weinstein

    So far, Oppo hasn’t been able to ship the Find 7. The winner will be the phone that ACTUALLY gets to market.

  • Frank Wu

    The LG looks cheap and doesn’t have the premium feel! Give me the 7 anytime!! Better still give me 2 OnePlus for that kind of money LG is asking!!

  • mf1gt3r

    Oppo Find 7 any day. Its better without a doubt at that price.