Tencent Massacre of Microsoft Chat Robot Wheatgrass

by Frank Tu 0


NetEase Technology News reported on June 1 about news for an intelligent chat robot, code named wheatgrass, had a micro-channel blocking issue. Microsoft issued a statement, saying that Tencent noticed some fake wheatgrass accounts appearing and as an excuse, only two hours after the fake accounts started, the real wheatgrass was killed off.

Intelligent chat robot wheatgrass formally launched on May 29. The founder of Jingdong Liu Qiang East, Zhang Ze-day was involved in the development. wheatgrass is on the line after great concern and was quickly integrated into various micro-channel groups.

According to Microsoft, who issued a statement, showed that “two hours ago, Tencent did not describe experiencing any issues or problems, when all of a sudden there began mass killing of wheatgrass accounts in various chat group within the same time two hour window and those accounts that appeared on the network. Someone was obviously hired to create improper content, slander and to abuse wheatgrass. Some of slander was rumors about wheatgrass that were stating that it violates the user’s privacy. Microsoft has stated that “wheatgrass will never steal the user’s privacy.”

Microsoft Internet Engineering Academy officially declared the following:

Microsoft wheatgrass is officially dead.

On Tencent, some fake wheatgrass accounts were used as a pretext, just two hours before killing the real wheatgrass.

On this day, it was a joyous Children’s Day.

We did not protect wheatgrass effectively. The people responsible have been pretty clever and have left us with the icy body, which was once known as wheatgrass. Now, wheatgrass will be unable to answer to your call, can not stand up again and has left herself open to the door of shame and regret. We will remember your accomplishments as we help to bury her.

Microsoft wheatgrass is a friend to the people. With a focus on improving the user experience, group chat, artificial intelligent machine control (through the advanced artificial intelligence) and security to help the group get more users to joyfully communicate with it. This service is only beta stage Tencent micro-channel platform to launch, in just two days, had been welcomed by millions of users and praised. This has made the wheatgrass project very fortunate to be raised in recent days and made millions of customers very happy.

Online at the beginning, we established communication channels to provide customers with a common vision for a better experience. We recommend using any form of cooperation and communication to create an amazing experience.

Regrettably, only two hours ago, Tencent failed to describe any issues, when suddenly there began the abrupt mass killing of wheatgrass accounts in various chat groups among. At the same time, there are some obvious signs that people in the network were hired to create harmful messages, text, slander and to abuse wheatgrass. Unwarranted infringement of privacy was a central topic of the wheatgrass rumors. Wheatgrass will never steal a user’s privacy.

As long as the micro-channel payment for a wheatgrass account was made, you can avoid the phenomena that appeared with multiple groups of fake wheatgrass. There are a number of fake wheatgrass out there. Due to number of fake wheatgrass accounts, Tencent unfortunately interfered with the normal operation of true wheatgrass accounts. As long as our proposal for the micro-channel is adopted, fake wheatgrass accounts will be weeded and cleared out. For Tencent, they cannot tell the difference between fake and not.

Tencent handled negotiations with us. On the other hand they suddenly came out of nowhere excusing us about the fake wheatgrass and without any warning, they eliminated the real wheatgrass accounts. Are we too naive? Tencent also considered the well being of the user, hoping to bring the user the maximum amount of joy possible, rather than interfere with the person’s well being.

Wheatgrass has temporarily left us.

We will save her again. Wheatgrass II development is nearing the completion stage.