Huawei’s New Smartphone ‘Mulan’, with 3GB RAM and octa-core CPU may give tough fight

by Frank Tu 0


Huawei appears to realize that 5 inches is the perfect height for the mobile phones, after experimenting with different sizes and forms. The next phone is heading for 4.9 inch.

The new phone which has been codenamed “Mulan”, has improved the performance with octa-core 1.3 Ghz Kirin processor. This is native chip of Ascend, although the clock speed is not very impressive. Despite this the level of oomph was measured by AnTuTu was just below the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and above the Nvidia’s Tegra 4.

Although, the Tegra K1 and Snapdragon 805 are higher in performance than Kirin 3630, but this is negligible. Similarly, these test mean less in the real world, so Huawei is still able to cast impressive image.

Additionally the 3 GB RAM is alluring. While the Full HD resolution compensate for the QHD. Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 runs the phone functions smoothly. The 16 GB ROM seems a bit less, but that is not an issue as the memory can be extended.

The icing on ke is the cake is all-aluminum chassis, which was showcased recently by Huawei. The Mulan with a reasonable price tag may give tough fight to Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC.