The MX3 Ubuntu edition revealed

by Frank Tu 0

Today, at the 2014 CommunicAsia Expo, Meizu introduced the MX3 Ubuntu edition.

According to Meizu, it was easier to receive authorization for UBUNTU. OEM companies gave more freedom and Meizu did not receive any restrictions from Google. It’s newest “Scope” feature lets users search and ask for information from the main screen and offers good applications and services.

Based our experience with it, the MX3 Ubuntu edition’s operating system runs versy smoothly but when it comes to stability, it leaves much to be desired. Improvements are still being made on the phone’s lower-level drivers and stability, so there’s no clear date when it will be finished..

Furthermore, Meizu said that they chose Ubuntu along with the Android operating system, but even if they will continue to use Ubuntu in the future, they will still work on Flym’s interface and services to create a better user experience.

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