OPPO to release China Telecom edition of the world’s thinnest cellphone, the OPPO R3, costs 2299 RMB (369.66 USD)

by Frank Tu 0

During the recent 4G wave with all kinds of new products released that use China Mobile and China Unicom, almost everyone has forgotten about China Telecom, but recently, more companies decided to release Telecom editions of their products. OPPO announced that they will release a China Telecom edition of the OPPO R3.


OPPO vice-CEO Li Wuqiang announced the news in his Weibo account after the release of the OPPO N1 mini and OPPO R3. The OPPO R3 has been called “the world’s thinnest 4G cellphone,” being only 6.3mm thick. It has a nightshot feature and a 1/3.2-inch scanning area. It has 1.4 micron pixels and f/2.0 aperture. Users can take more pictures of light at night.


The R3 has a 5-inch display screen and runs on the Snapdragon quad-core processor. It has 1GB RAM and has a 5mP/8mP camera. It’s operating system is the Android 4.3-based ColorOS 1.4


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