FDD-LTE-supported Elephone P3000 comes out at the end of July 7, 2014

by Frank Tu 1

As the 4G wave continues to dominate the cell phone market, a new 4G phone will soon arrive to challenge its rivals. It’s called the Elephone P3000.1-140FG6423bE


Elephone has released many products in the last several years and many have had an interesting design. The thing that should attract most users about the P3000 is the main camera which seems to have a resolution of 13mp with an LED light and fingerprint scanner. This phone is very thin, measuring about 7.6mm, and is available in black and white.


This phone is mainly targeted at the foreign market. As a result, it supports FDD-LTE 3G, and is compatible with WCDMA and GSM internet. It also has a dual-SIM card slot. Its processors are MediaTek’s new MTK6582 quad-core processor and MT6290. It also sports a 5-inch 720P OGS display screen and has 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. It also has a 5mp selfie camera and runs on a 3150ma battery.


Just like other phones we have introduced before, the Elephone P3000 will be first sold overseas at the end of the month.

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