ASUS to replace Intel chip with MTK chip for upcoming 4G ZenFone

by Frank Tu 0

Not wanting to miss the 4G wave that has taken over China, ASUS is also preparing to release many new 4G products, one of them is the ZenFone 4G phone. Unlike the other ZenFones, the ZenFone 4G does not use an Intel chipset but an MTK 4G processor.


ASUS recently released a photo of the upcoming 4G phone. Both the ZenFone 4G and the recently released ASUS T001 use a 1.3GHZ quad-core processor and support TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, and GSM internet.


The new ZenFone 4G must be an entry-level phone. It has 512M RAM, 4GB internal memory storage, and 4.5-inch display screen.

The phone’s design is pretty good. The main camera does not stick out too much and it has a noise-cancelling microphone.


It should not be surprising if ZenFone’s 4G phone will be cheaper than its low-end ZenFone 5 which costs 799 RMB (128.73 USD)