OnePlus One Bamboo Edition to have 64 GB and cost 2499.99 RMB (402.77 USD)

by Frank Tu 0

OnePlus has released more information on their newest release, a OnePlus One phone made of bamboo.


According to OnePlus, the 64 GB limited edition of the bamboo OnePlus One will be sold for 2499.99 RMB. Those who want it can start pre-ordering on August 18 and then get on the 25th. However, the bamboo case will not be sold separately.


A spokesman for OnePlus said that the phone is made of mao bamboo which is native to China. The material had been processed 28 times before it could be used to make the phone. The spokesman also said that the bamboo case should give the new OnePlus One a unique glossy texture.


The OnePlus One bamboo edition retains all the specs of the original like its 5.5-inch display Screen, the Snapdragon 801, and 3 GB RAM.