Xiaomi Mi 4 Review:Another Beast Phone from Xiaomi

by Frank Tu 18

Today, the much anticipated Xiaomi Mi 4 was launched in Beijing. Here’s a review of Xiaomi’s latest phone.




Boasting top-knotch specs, the Mi 4 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801(MSM8974AC) quad-core processor with a main frequency of 2.5GHz. It has 3GB RAM and 16/64GB internal memory space. It also sports a 5-inch 1080p Sharp and JDI display screen made using OGS architecture and an 8mp/13mp Sony dual-camera. It is powered by a 3080mAh battery that can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. The 16GB edition will be sold for 1999 RMB (322.21 USD) while the 64GB edition will be sold for 2499 RMB (402.81 USD).


5138101_dsc06291_thumb 5138101_dsc06269_thumb 5138101_dsc06278_thumb

The Mi 4 supports wet finger recognition and offers a glove mode. It also supports technology that can make sure finger movements on the edge won’t be mistakenly read by the phone.

5138101_dsc06279_thumb 5138101_dsc06280_thumb

It’s also important to note that the Mi 4 has a width of 67.5mm which is smaller than the Huawei P7, Samsung S4, and HTC M8.

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The Mi 4 does not have a lot of new features as it is still using the MIUI V5. The new MIUI V6 OS will be introduced around August. As a result, its OS user experience is similar to that of the Mi 3 with a few changes.

5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-15-54-17_thumb 5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-15-56-56_thumb 5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-15-56-39_thumb 5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-15-56-51_thumb 5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-15-54-54_thumb 5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-15-54-21_thumb 5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-16-49-58_thumb 5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-16-54-34_thumb 5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-16-54-16_thumb 5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-16-54-21_thumb 5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-16-51-36_thumb 5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-16-53-00_thumb 5138101_qq20140722174737_thumb 5138101_qq20140722174742_thumb 5138101_qq20140722174747_thumb 5138101_qq20140722174752_thumb 5138101_qq20140722174757_thumb 5138101_qq20140722174805_thumb

Performance test


At the launch event, Lei Jun was unwilling to talk about how the Mi 4 fared in its benchmark tests. Here’s an evaluation of the phone’s performance.

5138101_qq20140722174705_thumb 5138101_qq20140722174725_thumb 5138101_qq20140722174731_thumb 5138101_Screenshot_2014-07-22-17-07-33_thumb

Actually, the Mi 4 scored pretty high in the Antutu benchmark test with 43607 points. Very few phones are able to score this high. This still does not say anything about actual user experience, but we can say that the Mi 4 probably has the most powerful specs out of all the cell phones out right now.




The Mi 4 sports a 13mp Sony IMX214 camera which has appeared in many new Chinese phones, so it should not be surprising if the Mi 4 has it. It has 6p lens with a F1.8 aperture. Even more interesting is that it comes with a smart flashlight feature. The Mi 4 can also combine two photos that were quickly taken consecutively in a way that can make them look more realistic.

5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-15-59-30_thumb 5138101_screenshot_2014-07-22-15-59-40_thumb 5138101_img_20140722_160208_thumb 5138101_img_20140722_160114_thumb 5138101_img_20140722_160124_thumb 5138101_img_20140722_171202_thumb 5138101_img_20140722_170848_thumb 5138101_img_20140722_170912_thumb 5138101_img_20140722_171025_thumb 5138101_img_20140722_171104_thumb 5138101_img_20140722_202720_thumb 5138101_img_20140722_203811_thumb 5138101_img_20140722_204411_thumb


As you can see from the samples above, the Xiaomi Mi 4 takes very good photos thanks to the Sony IMX214. Furthermore, the phone’s camera benefits from its big F1.8 aperture as the amount of light going in increases a lot. Since we have now familiarized ourselves with this new sensor, it is no surprise that the Xiaomi 4 can take high-quality photos.



It’s pretty clear that Xiaomi is serious in dispelling the notion that the company does not really care about the outer design of their phones with the release of the Mi 4. Even though the outer design of the Mi 4 is not as pretty as phones that are known to have beautiful designs, this is Xiaomi’s most good-looking phone to date. Its specs are also nothing to make fun of. It’s easy to see how much effort Xiaomi has put on their newest phone’s hardware and appearance. However, Xiaomi’s main competitive strength still lies in their MIUI system. When the Mi 4’s OS is upgraded to the MIUI V6, then it will be a force to be reckoned with.