Unboxed: The OnePlus One Bamboo Limited Edition

by Frank Tu 2

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On July 22, OnePlus fulfilled their promise and released an edition of the OnePlus One made of bamboo.


The bamboo OnePlus One has the same specs as the original OnePlus One. 2014072121494578864

There’s also no difference in the appearance other than the material used.2014072121494856988

The bamboo case adds a more natural texture to the OnePlus One and since the bamboo used for each phone is different, each bamboo phone has its own unique texture.



The OnePlus One’s logo is carved on the back of the original phone while spray coating is used to put the logo on the bamboo version.

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The bamboo rear cover is detachable but is not sold separately.2014072121500258505 2014072121500588180


At the launch event, in addition to the bamboo rear cover, OnePlus also showcased rear covers made of wood from ebony trees, and even denim. With the release of the bamboo edition, many believe that OnePlus will release other phones made of these kinds of materials.2014072121500920979 2014072121501277216 2014072121501563143 2014072121501869383 2014072121502119371 2014072121502413110 2014072121502703724 2014072121502983405 2014072121503275577 2014072121503614626