Photos of what might be the Meizu MX4’s screen panel and blueprint leaked

by Frank Tu 0

With the release of the Xiaomi Mi4, will Meizu’s next flagship phone follow?


Photos what appears to be the Meizu MX4’s display screen panel and its blueprint were recently leaked online. We can see some information about the MX4 in the blueprint. As the photo shows, the MX4’s front screen does not look that different from the MX3’s although the frame is a bit narrower. According to the blueprint, the MX4’s screen might be covered by an AF plate to help prevent fingerprints. Although the blueprint has a lot of measurements, because the photo does not cover the entire blueprint, we can only see that the phone’s frame is 2.2mm (each side is 1.1mm). No other measurements are shown.


Of course, whether or not this is actually the MX4’s blueprint remains to be seen. Even though it definitely has Meizu’s classic style, we cannot rule out the possibility that it is one of at least four new devices that Meizu plans to release this year.

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